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The Internet Certificate will be best shown with the medium size font of Internet Explorer 5 or above. It will be issued only from 10th Kyu and above. Use the browser's back button to return to the previous page.

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Country Branch Chief Photo Given Name Surname Gender Rank Date of Grading Internet Certificate
Afghanistan Mohammad Seyar Azadani Mohammad Qahar Azadani M Yondan 2015/03/08
Armenia Andranik Hakobian Andranik Hakobyan M Yondan 2012/02/12
Austria Zeljko Micakovic Zeljko Micakovic M Yondan 2011/02/12
Bulgaria Nikolay Rachev Marin Mitev M Yondan 2007.06.17
Bulgaria Nikolay Rachev Nikolay Rachev M Yondan 2012/02/12
Canada Richard Poulin Richard Poulin M Yondan 2008/07/26
Canada Ray Cormier Robert Myers M Yondan 2010/09/18
Canada Vittorio Jr. Russo Vittorio Jr Russo M Yondan 2014/08/08
Canada Ray Cormier Guy Marquis M Yondan 2014/08/10
Canada Stephane Marcotte Stephane Marcotte M Yondan 2014/08/10
Chile Manuel Villarroel Altamirano Manuel Hernan Villarroel A. M Yondan 2008/09/07
Denmark Flemming Jinzen Schroter Soren Sandersen M Yondan 2002/09/10
Denmark Flemming Jinzen Schroter Brian Pfeffer M Yondan 2011/03/02
Georgia Anzor Chubinidze Gocha Samkharadze M Yondan 2010/07/09
Georgia Anzor Chubinidze Anzor Chubinidze M Yondan 2010/09/18
Germany Alexey Demanov Alexey Demanov M Yondan 2014/03/09
Hungary Janos Horvath Janos Horvath M Yondan 2001/06/14
Hungary Sandor Brezovai Sandor Brezovai M Yondan 2001/09/23
Hungary Tivadarne Toth Elizabeth Toth F Yondan 2002/07/28
India M.Vijay Chakkaravarthi Muthusamy Gound VijayChakkarava M Yondan 2005/07/23

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69 member(s) registered. / [1-20] is shown.   Next 20 >   Last>>

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