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In case you are promoted to a higher Kyu or Dan, your information should be updated. You will only be updated one rank at a time. For Dan promotion, you should have a prescribed period from your previous Dan examination as mentioned in the technical syllabus.

To update your information, you should inquire your Branch Chief or Dojo Operator.

The Kyu Upgrade fee is shown in the "International Membership Fee Structure" page. It will take about a week for Kyu members to be updated in our official site. The new card will not be issued until you achieve a Shodan but the record will be updated.

When you are a registered Kyu member promoted from 1st Kyu to Shodan or a registered Black Belt member promoted to a higher Dan, you should make Dan Order through your Branch Chief or Dojo Operator. In either case, you will be issued with a new Black Belt Card with the Dan printed but the card number stays the same. The Dan Order includes Black Belt, Black Belt Certificate, and Black Belt Card and will take about a month before we can send them to your Country Representative or Branch Chief or Dojo Operator.

Please make sure you check your information in our official website after the update.




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