Kyokushin-kan Membership System

How to register

1. Click here to login.
2. Use the username and password that was sent to you
If this is your first login, please change password by clicking PROFILE
Type in your new password, make sure they match.
Click SAVE

3. You will see list of all your registered members

4. To register new member, click "Register New Member"

5. Fill in all details and click "SUBMIT"

6. To request certificate/belt/membership card, search for the member and click EDIT

7. Fill in the grading details and click "ADD NEW GRADE"

8. If you made a mistake in entry, you may remove this entry.

9. Keep adding grading details.
When you are done, click BATCH ORDER.
This means you are ready to send all the kyu/dan upgrade and grading details to honbu.

Once you click this, you may no longer change the member grading details

11. Wait for honbu's email on payment instructions
 (please allow 1-3 days for processing)